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A revolutionary, doctor formulated sleep and relaxation non-prescription formula that really works!

About Us

Mark Maraist


Mark, a CPA licensed in the state of Florida, is both an entrepreneur and experienced corporate finance executive. He has held several senior positions with both multi-billion international companies such as Tyco International and Compass Group PLC as well as entrepreneurial businesses such as Bravo Brands. He has extensive food/beverage and health food supplement experience. Mark, a native Floridian, enjoys his time as a father and is passionate about exercising. He obtained both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Florida.  For a full review of Mark Maraist's professional background, please visit his page on LinkedIn.



Michael Maraist

MD - Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Maraist is board-certified in both neurology and sleep medicine. He completed his undergraduate work, medical school training, residency, and sleep medicine fellowship at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. He is a native Floridian and father of three, happily married to his wife of 16 years. Dr. Maraist has always believed in the use of scientific-based medicine combined with creative ingenuity to treat “the whole person” when he cares for his patients. This was the approach used in development of the Tranquilo formula.



Dave Weaver

Business Partner

Dave studied Small Business Management / Entrepreneurship at Rowan University (formally Glassboro State College). Dave is a Business Partner who has had multiple business ventures over the last 30 years. He is an ASE Certified Tech and shop owner specializing in Porsche and VW engines. Owner of Eastern Precision Ultrasonic Equipment, specializing in Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Technologies. Manufacturers Rep for SystemOne Recycling Equipment. Manufacturers Rep for N2 Nitrogen Technologies. Dave resides in South Florida where he is active in his church and he enjoys hobbies such as SCUBA Diving and Marksmanship. Dave is married and has 3 sons.



Passion Flower

Passionflower, a woody vine that is found in Peru and Brazil, bears fruit with many medicinal values. Passionflower is used as a relaxant to treat anxiety and insomnia. It is believed that passionflower works by increasing levels of GABA in the brain.

L Tryptophan

L Tryptophan is a naturally occurring amino acid commonly found in turkey and milk. The powerful effect that tryptophan has on both mood and sleep may be because the body naturally converts tryptophan into both serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin levels affects mood and melatonin affects sleep.


Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutryic acid) is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA that crosses the blood-brain barrier. GABA lowers the activity of some brain cells, making you more relaxed. It was developed in Russia and has anxiety reducing properties commonly compared to Valium. Phenibut helps support relaxation, restful sleep and feelings of well being. Phenibut stimulates dopamine production, which elevates mood and feelings of sleepiness.


Is a medium sized tree that grows to a height of 10-15 meters and is commonly found in Peru and Brazil. Mulungu bark has long been used in Brazil as a natural relaxant and effective sleep aid. It has also been used to treat mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, panic disorders, and to treat withdrawal symptoms from nicotine and drugs.

Valerian Root

The root of valerian, a tall, fernlike plant, has served for thousands of years as a mild sedative. Valerian Root is considered to be one of the most effective natural remedies available for insomnia. It also is known to help relieve stress, anxiety and nervousness.


Hops are the flowers of Humulus lupulos, a flowering vine native to North America, Asia, and Europe. Hops has been used for centuries for its sedative qualities to treat sleep difficulty, occasional anxious feelings, restlessness, nervousness and tension. The sedative action of hops provides relief from difficulties sleeping – without drowsiness the following morning.

CLICK HERE to read an article written by Dr Maraist to learn more about the ingredients that make Tranquilo work so well.


I have suffered from insomnia for several years. Tranquilo finally gave me SLEEP! I took 3 tablets and slept through an entire night,something that I haven't been able to do in over 15 years...

I take 2 capsules and fell asleep very soon for seven hours. I woke up refreshed and had a great day. I've been using Tranquilo for 2 months now and I love it...

Tranquilo has given me the ability to wake up feeling refreshed and not wanting to hit the snooze button! This sleep aid is AMAZING!...

I first tried one capsule and felt relaxed and slept better. The following night, I took two capsules and was asleep within 30 minutes...

I took the three pills last night and got the best night's sleep I have had in years!

"I took the three pills last night and got the best night's sleep I have had in years! Not only did I NOT wake up without a hangover, but I did wake up with a sense of calm and positive attitude that was very understated but unmistakable."


"My mother has had serious insomnia her whole life. Unfortunately, her habits often disturb other family members' sleep also. After trying Tranquilo, she claimed it was the best sleep aid she'd ever had. We are eternally thankful to the creator of this wonderful, safe product."


"I have been using Tranquilo for 2-3 years now, and find it one of the best sleep aid natural products.  My Doctor gave me a sample and from then on I was hooked.  Because I ran two national chain stores, I brought in cases if for nothing else to keep me supplied.  I told people about Tranquilo and they bought and came back to replenish.  It's that good!  To some it seems a steep in price but once the customers see for him or herself, they keep coming back for more.  This product proves its reliability.  I suggest to other supplement stores to carry this product."

- DINAH, Vitamin Store Manager-Port Saint Lucie, FL

"I wanted to provide a testimony from someone who has been in the industry with integrity for many years but more importantly, someone who has struggled with insomnia for the last 10 years. I received samples of Tranquilo many weeks ago and this product has so transformed my life that I began a dialogue with Mark just to make sure it was not too good to be true. After researching the ingredients and getting the thumbs up from my Naturopath to proceed, I have finally found a product that REALLY works with no downsides and I no longer live in fear of when the next attack of insomnia will occur. I am passionate about this one as I live an Organic and natural lifestyle and have tried EVERYTHING! As have many others I know in the pursuit of a natural solution to insomnia. If I do everything right and live the perfect life, those other supplements help and sometimes I can manage it. Because my naturopath insisted that sleep medications were not worth the side effects, I used Tylenol or Benadryl as the worst case scenario when I absolutely needed to sleep before an important event. This product is revolutionary in my opinion – and reviewing the ingredient list isn’t enough. If you know anyone who wrestles with sleeplessness, give them a sample – it will change their lives and you will hear about it!"


"As I sit here and type this I have tears rolling down my cheeks! I had been up for almost 3 weeks and yesterday in the mail received your product. I didn't hold out hope so I laid on the couch watching tv. I woke up about 45 minutes ago, when I looked at the clock I couldn't believe it - almost 10 hours of sleep!"


"Sleeping through the night has eluded me for years. I have tried many forms of medication and supplements to alter my sleeping habits, but none of them have been successful in providing me with a full night's sleep. I began using Tranquilo two months ago, and have not looked back. Tranquilo gives me a very relaxing sensation before bed and provides me with hours of continuous sleep."


"I have been taking 1 tablet of Tranquilo every night for a month. I can truly say I have more energy than I have had in years. I didn't realizehow much my body needed to sleep! I wake refreshed and lately, I don't even need an alarm to wake up. I have also found my little aches and pains have subsided as well as the ilitating menstral cramps I suffered from monthly. I would recommend Tranquilo to anyone who would like to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and wake in the morning feeling like you are ready to take on the day!"


"Almost a year ago, I began to have great difficulty in falling asleep even when I was exhausted. My overactive imagination had grown even more restless, and it was difficult for me to relax my mind. Hunger, even in small amounts, also would prevent me from falling asleep. Then, approximately three months ago, I tried Tranquilo and was amazed! I was able to fall asleep much more quickly despite hunger and other distractions. This ability was a great relief for me. I highly recommend Tranquilo as a natural sleep aid."


"I take 2 capsules and it works beautifully and I sleep very well without any hangover. I highly recommend it for anyone."


"I took 2 capsules and fell asleep very soon for seven hours. I woke up refreshed and had a great day. I've been using Tranquilo for 2 months now and I love it."


"As a college student, my sleep schedule can get a little crazy at times. One night I'll be in bed by 11PM, the next, 3AM. Tranquilo is the perfect solution to irregular schedules like my own. I simply take Tranquilo before heading to bed, and regardless of yesterday's sleep time, I can pass out with ease."


"My name is Renee. I have suffered from insomnia for several years. Tranquilo finally gave me SLEEP! I took 3 tablets and slept through an entire night, something that I haven't been able to do in over 15 years. I continued to take 2 or 3 tablets and finally, I know what "A Good Nights Sleep" means. I had no side effects, no drowsiness the next day, and I must say, Tranquilo has been a lifesaver to me!!!"


"I took 2 capsules and fell asleep very soon for seven hours. I woke up refreshed and had a great day. I've been using Tranquilo for 2 months now and I love it."


"I first tried one capsule and felt relaxed and slept better. The following night, I took two capsules and was asleep within 30 minutes. I slept soundly through the night (very unusual for me) and I experienced no grogginess the next morning."


"Tranquilo has given me the ability to wake up feeling refreshed and not wanting to hit the snooze button! This sleep aid is AMAZING!"


"I received a sample of Tranquilo and I have to say I didn't expect much. I was so wrong! I haven't slept so well in years. I will tell everyone I know about this really great product."


"Two significant and agreeable effects that Tranquilo has provided me. Not only do a I experience a solid uninterrupted sleep but If I do wake in the night I can easily go back to sleep. Just as important as quality of my night of slumber is the feeling I have the next day in that I feel awake and don’t experience that sleeping feeling punctuated by yawning fits that used to occur. No more fighting sleep in boring morning meetings."


"I love this all natural sleep aid! Tranquilo has helped me get the good night sleep that I haven't had in years. I wake up in the morning feeling alert and ready for the day. I recommend this to anyone that has problems with sleeping and not feeling rested in the morning. I've also taken 1 capsule for the calmness before bed. It helps me to shut down all the racing thoughts most of us women have when going to bed."


"I have trouble sleeping when I am stressed. I took 3 pills of Tranquilo and one hour later I was sleeping like a baby. I slept for 6 hours with no interruptions, which is unusual for me. I recommend Tranquilo for those who struggle with sleeping."


"I've been on other pharmaceutical medications including Trazedone and Lunesta, and Tranquilo works so much better! It doesn't leave the same hung over feeling that the others did. It only takes me 1 to 2 pills to sleep soundly. I would recommend it to everyone!"


"I work out at the gym form Monday through Friday combined with other activities during the day, business, kids, husband, house! I tend to be very hyperactive and a good night sleep is what really makes me keep going the next day. I do not suffer from any sleeping disorders, however, sometimes, I feel so exhausted that the previous night sleep, even at 8 hrs period seems short. I tried Tranquilo the first time a day that I was feeling tense, and fell asleep as usual, I woke up the next day feeling very rested, I could even see it on my face, I also felt my muscles very relaxed from a very good night. I only took two pills and that was the effect, very sound and profound sleep during the night. I went ahead and started taking it regularly when I felt overstressed and it worked again, next day very, very relaxed and rested. I like the product!"




What is the ideal serving size?

We suggest a starting serving size for promoting feelings of peace and calmness of 1-2 capsules. To use as a sleep aid, we suggest an initial serving size of 3-4 capsules. Assess effectiveness of initial serving size and adjust the number of capsules consumed up or down accordingly. Several factors impact the right serving size for you including your body weight, age, and timing of your last meal.

Is it safe to operate heavy machinery, drive, or combine Tranquilo with other sleep aids or alcohol?

Given Tranquilo´s powerful sedative qualities, operation of heavy machinery or driving should not be undertaken after consumption. Tranquilo should not be combined with other sleep aids or alcohol.

Is it safe to use Tranquilo on children?

Several of our customers are successfully using low dosages of Tranquilo to help their children with sleep and anxiety issues, with no negative side effects. Prior to using Tranquilo on your children, however, we recommend seeking your pediatrician’s advice.

If I want to use Tranquilo as an effective sleep aid, when should I consume the product?

To use as a sleep aid, we suggest that you consume Tranquilo on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to bedtime.

Should I consult a physician prior to consuming Tranquilo?

Tranquilo´s ingredients were selected based on historical records of safety and effectiveness. A medical doctor specializing in sleep medicine contributed to and approved the formulation mix. However, as with any supplement, it is a good idea to discuss consumption of Tranquilo with your health care provider, particularly if you are pregnant or have any serious medical conditions.

What comfort should I receive knowing that Tranquilo is manufactured at a FDA approved, cGMP certified facility?

Tranquilo is manufactured in a FDA approved, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility. GMP regulations require that manufacturers take proactive steps to ensure that their products are safe, pure, and effective. More specifically, GMP regulations require a quality approach to manufacturing, enabling companies to minimize instances of contamination and errors. GMP regulations also address issues regarding recordkeeping, personnel qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification, process validation, and complaint handling. Knowing that Tranquilo is manufactured at a cGMP certified facility should give the consumer additional comfort regarding the safety of the product.

Is it safe and effective to use Tranquilo every night?

No significant side effects have been reported by those using Tranquilo nightly. We recommend use no more than 3 times per week or otherwise recommended by your health care provider.

The statements in this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.



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